Sports Clubs

Students playing a game of rugby

Sports Clubs

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Sports Clubs Program is to allow students the opportunities to engage in the activity of their choice at various skill levels, contribute to the development of student leadership, learn responsibility, and encourage and develop a healthy lifestyle. Clubs are meant to be a learning experience for the members through their involvement in fund-raising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling, as well as the development of skills in their particular sport/activity.

Joining a Club

To obtain information about joining a particular club, simply email the club contact. The contact information for each club can be obtained by clicking on the name of the contact person below that corresponds to the club you want to inquire about.

Current Active Sports Clubs
Club NameContact PersonWebsite
Aikido Harrison Washin Click Here
Archery Dawgs Arianna Pullen N/A
Ballroom Dance T.C. Simpson Click Here
Bass Fishing Jeff Roman Clayton Click Here
Club Vertical John Usry N/A
Disc Golf Steven Hillerman Click Here
Eventing Sarah Bufington Click Here
Fencing Nate Philips Click Here
Iaido & Batto Do Myles Roddy N/A
Men's Lacrosse Caleb Sachdev Click Here
Men's Rugby Sams Funderburk Click Here
Men's Soccer Alex Hughes Click Here
Men's Ultimate Frisbee Trey Leonard Click Here
Men's Volleyball Jimmy Kidd N/A
Powerlifting Jerrell Howell N/A
Racquetball Caleb Thompson Click Here
Scuba Dawgs Gunnar Dunnam Click Here
Shooting Sports Jacob Jones Click Here
Swimming Alec Mau Click Here
Table Tennis Amelia Anderson Click Here
Tactical Airsoft Jonathan Davis Click Here
Taido Karate Brenna Carlise Click Here
Tennis Lucas Kramer N/A
Women's Lacrosse Kathleen Riley N/A
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Hannah Berry Click Here
Women's Volleyball Kaitly Schoepper N/A
Yoga Moves Tabor Cooper Click Here