About Us

Lifeguard / Water Safety Instructor

Contact Person: Trey Harrison

Email: bharrison@saffairs.msstate.edu

Phone: 662-325-3633

Job Description:

Provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable facility for the patrons of the Joe Frank Sanderson Center.

Duties Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintain constant supervision of the pool and its patrons
  2. Maintain proficiency in all lifeguarding skills
  3. Enforce all pool and Recreational Sports rules
  4. Respond to all accidents or emergencies in the natatorium
  5. Respond to all emergencies in the building if called
  6. Render immediate First Aid or other rescue skills
  7. Provide a safe and clean pool environment
  8. Properly fill out all forms and paperwork as needed


To qualify as an MSU Recreational Sports Lifeguard, you must:

  1. Have current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certification
  2. Have current American Red Cross CPRO certification
  3. Have current American Red Cross First Aid certification
  4. Have current American Red Cross AED certification
  5. Be able to pass written and skills test

Job Applications: Download Application (Adobe PDF Format)

Skills test contains the following:

  1. 500 yard swim using lifeguard strokes
  2. 2 minute tread water (legs only)
  3. Brick retrieval
  4. Rescue skills
  5. In-line stabilization skills
  6. CPR & First Aid Skills
  7. AED Skills